Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009

22 Parking on stopping places and stands
  • (1) Clause 6.15(1) is revoked and the following subclause substituted:

    • (1) This clause applies to an area of roadway that the road controlling authority—

      • (a) reserves as a stopping place or stand for a class or classes of vehicle; and

      • (b) tells drivers about by installing 1 or more appropriate parking signs at an adjoining place or at adjoining places that give drivers reasonable notice of the area's presence.

    (2) Clause 6.15 is amended by adding the following subclause:

    • (4) An area described in subclause (1) may be marked by lines on the roadway put there by the road controlling authority. The road controlling authority must mark the area by putting lines on the roadway if it is practicable for it to do so.