Real Estate Agents (Audit) Regulations 2009

16 Duty to report in respect of each audit period
  • (1) Every agency must, on notification by the auditor of the last day of any audit period to which an examination relates, prepare a statement that includes the following information:

    • (a) all money held on the last day of the audit period by the agency, in that agency's capacity as an agent, for or in trust for any other person:

    • (b) the names of the bank accounts where the money has been deposited:

    • (c) the balances of those accounts on the last day of the audit period and, if the bank balances differ from the cashbook balances, a statement reconciling those balances.

    (2) Every statement given under subclause (1) must be accompanied by a statutory declaration that the information contained in the statement is true and correct and that the auditor has been provided with all information necessary to undertake the examination.

    (3) The statutory declaration referred to in subclause (2) must be made by—

    • (a) the agency; or

    • (b) a person authorised to act on behalf of the agency who has knowledge of the matters in subclause (1).