Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010

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42 Requirements for earthing systems in works
  • (1) Every owner of works must ensure that the works are protected (whether from within the works or by the supplying works) by an earthing system that is designed, installed, operated, and maintained to ensure, as far as practicable,—

    • (a) the effective operation of protection fittings in the event of earth fault currents; and

    • (b) that the voltage of each conductor is restricted to a value consistent with the level of insulation applied; and

    • (c) that step voltages, touch voltages, and transferred voltages are controlled to prevent danger to any person.

    (2) An earthing system is deemed to comply with subclause (1)(c) if it complies with ECP 35 or, in the case of a railway electrification system, IEC 62128–1.

    (3) A person who owns works commits a grade A offence if the person fails to comply with subclause (1).

    Compare: SR 1997/60 rr 60(1), 67(g)