Resource Management (Discount on Administrative Charges) Regulations 2010

8 Applications called in by Minister under section 142
  • (1) This regulation applies when—

    • (a) a local authority does not process an application under section 95 in the time limit in that section (excluding the excluded days); and

    • (b) the applicant does not withdraw the application; and

    • (c) the Minister calls the application in under section 142.

    (2) The local authority must give the applicant a discount.

    (3) The discount is payable on the total of the administrative charges the local authority imposes on the applicant for the application up to the point at which the authority processes the application under section 95.

    (4) The discount is 1% of the total for every working day in the period starting on the working day after the day on which the time limit in section 95 expires and ending on the day on which the Minister calls the application in, up to a maximum of 50 working days.