Resource Management (Discount on Administrative Charges) Regulations 2010

10 Effect of section 102
  • (1) This regulation applies when local authorities hold a joint hearing under section 102 on an application.

    (2) The local authorities may agree on the manner in which a discount that these regulations require to be given is to be allocated among them.

    (3) None of the local authorities is required by these regulations to give a discount if all the local authorities agree to apply, for the purposes of the joint hearing, a policy that one of the authorities has adopted under section 36AA(3) and that is more generous in the circumstances of the particular case than these regulations.

    Regulation 10(3): amended, on 3 March 2015, by regulation 7 of the Resource Management (Discount on Administrative Charges) Amendment Regulations 2014 (LI 2014/387).