Climate Change (Eligible Industrial Activities) Regulations 2010

5 Method of calculating amount of product from eligible industrial activities


An eligible person who, in a year, carries out an eligible industrial activity must use 1 of the following methods for calculating the amount of each product produced by carrying out the activity during that year:


direct measurement:


measurement derived from—


the units of the product sold; and


the changes in inventory for the product.


If both of the methods specified in subclause (1) are infeasible, then the eligible person must—


select a different method to calculate the amount of each product produced by the activity; and


take all reasonable care to ensure that the selected method is the most accurate method of the different methods that may be available.


For any application for a provisional allocation or a final allocation entitlement in respect of the same year, an eligible person must use the same method to calculate the amount of product produced.