Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011

Part 7 Miscellaneous

59 Registrar’s power to require information


The Registrar may require a person making an application or notification in respect of a motor vehicle under Part 17 of the Act or these regulations to provide any of the following:


evidence of the origin or previous ownership of the motor vehicle:


current evidence of vehicle inspection:


a statutory declaration by the person to be registered in respect of the motor vehicle that the person is the owner of the motor vehicle:


evidence of address:


evidence from a person authorised by the Registrar that the motor vehicle to be registered belongs to a particular class of motor vehicle and complies with the standards applicable to that class:


any other information, documents, and evidence related to the motor vehicle or those persons that may be required by the Registrar (including, but not limited to, evidence of identity such as a driver licence or passport).


For the purposes of subclause (1)(f), different requirements may be imposed for different cases or for different classes of motor vehicles.