Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011

60 Replacement certificates and licences, and duplicate and replacement plates


An application by the registered person under section 264(1) of the Act must be in a form acceptable to the Registrar and must provide—


the full name of the registered person; and


the full address of the registered person’s place of residence, or place of business, within New Zealand; and


the full postal address within New Zealand of the registered person (if different from the address given under paragraph (b)); and


any other information, documents, and evidence related to the motor vehicle or the registered person that may be required by the Registrar (including, but not limited to, evidence of identity such as a driver licence or passport).


The application must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.


Before issuing a replacement licence or certificate of registration or a duplicate or replacement plate under section 264, the Registrar may also require the applicant to—


produce a statutory declaration by an appropriate person explaining the circumstances in which the certificate, licence, or plate was lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed:


produce evidence that, if a plate has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, the loss, theft, or destruction has been reported to the Police:


surrender any damaged certificate, licence, or plate, or the undamaged part of any set of plates.