Unit Titles Regulations 2011

Disclosure statements

33 Pre-contract disclosure statement

The following information is prescribed for the purposes of section 146(2) of the Act (which requires a pre-contract disclosure statement to be in the prescribed form and to contain the prescribed information):


the amount of the contribution levied by the body corporate under section 121 of the Act in respect of the unit being sold; and


the period covered by such contribution; and


details of maintenance that the body corporate proposes to carry out on the unit title development in the year following the date of the disclosure statement, and how the body corporate proposes to meet the cost of that maintenance; and


the balance of every fund or bank account held or operated by the body corporate at the date of the last financial statement; and


whether the unit or the common property is, or has been, the subject of a claim under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006 or any other civil proceedings relating to water penetration of the buildings in the unit title development; and


an explanation of the following:


unit title property ownership; and


unit plans; and


ownership and utility interests; and


body corporate operational rules; and


the information required to be contained in a pre-settlement disclosure statement; and


the information required to be contained in an additional disclosure statement; and


records of title; and


the land information memorandum issued under section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987; and


easements and covenants; and


how to obtain further information about the matters referred to in paragraph (f); and


an estimate of the cost of providing an additional disclosure statement.

Regulation 33(f)(vii): replaced, on 12 November 2018, by section 250 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 (2017 No 30).