Unit Titles Regulations 2011

34 Pre-settlement disclosure statement

The following information is prescribed for the purposes of section 147(3)(a) of the Act (which requires a pre-settlement disclosure statement to contain the prescribed information):


the unit number; and


the body corporate number; and


the amount of the contribution levied by the body corporate under section 121 of the Act in respect of the unit being sold; and


the period covered by such contribution; and


the manner of payment of the levy; and


the date on or before which payment of the levy is due; and


whether a levy, or part of a levy, due to the body corporate is unpaid and, if so, the amount of the unpaid levy; and


whether legal proceedings have been instituted in relation to any unpaid levy; and


whether any metered charges due to the body corporate are unpaid and, if so, the amount of unpaid metered charges; and


whether any costs relating to repairs to building elements or infrastructure contained in the unit are unpaid and, if so, the amount of unpaid costs; and


the rate at which interest is accruing on any money owing to the body corporate by the seller; and


whether there are any proceedings pending against the body corporate in any court or tribunal; and


whether there have been any changes to the body corporate operational rules since—


the additional disclosure statement, if one has been provided; or


the pre-contract disclosure statement.