Unit Titles Regulations 2011

Form 8 Certificate by registered valuer: cancellation of unit plan

Sections 177(7)(a) and 189(5)(aa), Unit Titles Act 2010

Unit plan: [reference number]

Supplementary record sheet: [number]


I, [full name], registered valuer of [address], certify that I have assessed the ownership interests and proposed ownership interests (if any) for each of the units on the above unit plan and the reassessed interests are shown in the schedule of ownership interests.

Schedule of ownership interests

Complete the following table.

Unit numberOwnership interestProposed ownership interest (if any)

Date: [day, month, year]

Signature of registered valuer:


The unit number in the schedule of ownership interests must be the unit number as shown on the unit plan.

Schedule 2 form 8: amended, on 30 May 2017, by regulation 9(2) of the Unit Titles Amendment Regulations 2017 (LI 2017/97).