Unit Titles Regulations 2011

Form 28 Certificate by territorial authority: deposit of unit plan

Section 32(2)(a), Unit Titles Act 2010

Unit plan: [reference number]


I, [full name], an authorised officer of the [name] Council, am authorised to make this certification.


I certify that—


every building (if any) shown on the unit plan has been erected, and all other development work has been carried out, to the extent necessary to enable all the boundaries of every unit and the common property shown on the plan to be physically measured; and


every principal unit shown on the unit plan conforms to the definition of principal unit in section 7 of the Unit Titles Act 2010.


Include this paragraph only where the certificate is given in respect of a stage or complete unit plan.

I certify that the unit plan is consistent with the proposed unit development plan [reference number].

Date: [day, month, year]

Signature of authorised officer: