Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (Exemptions and Prohibited Substances) Regulations 2011

Conditions of general application to exempt agricultural compounds

7 Fitness for purpose: importation, manufacture, or sale of exempt compound

An exempt agricultural compound that is imported, manufactured, or sold must be such that, when used as recommended, it will not—


spread organisms to a level or in a manner that could be harmful to humans; or


reduce the efficacy of medicines used on humans; or


result in residues in primary produce that exceed the limits prescribed in applicable food residue standards set in or under any enactment; or


be toxic to animals treated with or exposed to the compound to an extent that causes unnecessary or unreasonable pain or distress; or


fail to reduce or eliminate pain or distress to animals treated with the compound where the elimination of pain or distress is a stated purpose of the product; or


transmit disease, result in physical harm, or cause unnecessary pain and distress, to animals treated with or exposed to the compound; or


transmit pests or unwanted organisms as defined in the Biosecurity Act 1993 or specified in any national or regional pest management plan made under that Act; or


otherwise create or be likely to create any of the risks specified in section 4(a) of the Act.

Regulation 7(g): amended, on 18 September 2012, by section 93 of the Biosecurity Law Reform Act 2012 (2012 No 73).