Criminal Procedure Rules 2012

1.10 Translation of documents into Māori


A party or person on whom a document is served may apply to the court for a translation of the document into Māori.


An application under subclause (1) must be made not later than 10 working days after the document to which it relates is served on the applicant.


The court or a Registrar may grant the application if satisfied that the party or person is unable to read the document, but could read it if it were translated into Māori.


Unless the court orders otherwise, every subsequent document in relation to the proceeding that must be served on that party or person will be translated into Māori after it is filed in court.


The court may at any time order that the translation of any document into Māori be served on any party or person whether or not an application has been made under subclause (1).


Any translation to which this rule applies—


must be certified correct by a person holding a certificate of competency endorsed under clause 4 of Schedule 6 of Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016/the Māori Language Act 2016; and


must be served by a Registrar on the applicant.

Rule 1.10(6)(a): amended, on 30 April 2016, by section 50 of Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016/the Māori Language Act 2016 (2016 No 17).