Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Ongoing Legal Education—Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2013

5 Continuing professional development plan and record


The CPDPR of a lawyer who provides regulated services for all or part of a yearly period must include:


a description of the lawyer’s current learning needs;


a description of the lawyer’s proposed actions to be undertaken to meet the learning needs;


a description and details of the activities undertaken by the lawyer to meet the learning needs, including:


a record of the hours involved and undertaken in respect of each activity;


a reflection on each activity; and


documentation verifying attendance at each activity;


in accordance with rule 6, or as modified by the Law Society under rule 7.4, a statement of the number of hours required within each yearly period; and


a record of any period of time greater than three months during which the lawyer did not provide regulated services.


The CPDPR of a lawyer who does not provide regulated services may include the matters referred to in rule 5.1(a) to (c).


A CPDPR must be retained for 3 years.