Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2014


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2014

Jerry Mateparae, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 24th day of February 2014

His Excellency the Governor-General in Council

Pursuant to section 324 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001, His Excellency the Governor-General makes the following regulations, acting—

  • (a) on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council; and

  • (b) on the recommendation of the Minister for ACC, made after complying with section 324(2) of that Act.


1 Title
  • These regulations are the Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2014.

2 Commencement
  • These regulations come into force on 1 April 2014.

4 Regulation 9 amended (Counsellors' costs)
5 Regulation 11 amended (Hyperbaric oxygen treatment costs)
6 Regulation 13 amended (Medical practitioners' costs)
7 Regulation 14 amended (Nurses' costs)
8 Regulation 15 amended (Medical practitioners' and nurses' costs for combined treatment)
9 Regulation 15A amended (Nurse practitioners' costs)
10 Regulation 16 amended (Specialists' costs)
11 Regulation 17 amended (Specified treatment providers' costs)
12 Schedule amended

Amendments to Schedule

r 12

In the Schedule, after the item C2 Consultation provided by a counsellor, replace items DE1 to X-RAY and their associated headings and subheadings with:

Dentists' costs 
DE1Dental consultation, including examination44.87
DE2Periodic oral examination or review28.86
DE3Extended initial examination (complex cases relating to dental implants, orthodontics, and advanced restorative work)—including study models and photographs and tomography123.91
 Radiological examination and interpretation 
DX1Periapical or bitewing film (each)22.43
DX2Occlusal (each)22.43
DX4Other additional images (per treatment episode)8.85
DX7Acute sedation (IV only) (initial consultation only)154.88
 Emergency temporary cover 
DT1Emergency temporary cover43.46
 General oral surgery 
DG1Extraction of permanent or rooted deciduous tooth per first tooth115.90
DG2Surgical removal of tooth (includes insertion and removal of sutures)185.86
DG4Extraction of subsequent permanent or deciduous tooth in same quadrant arch as for DG163.33
DG5Management of lacerations by suturing per operative site120.81
DG7Incision and drainage abscess cellulitis136.29
DG8Excision of traumatic mucous cyst161.08
DG10Splint application or removal (for 3 splint units)92.93
DG11Cleaning of wound and removal of debris42.48
DG14Reduction of fractured alveolar process90.47
DG15Repositioning of displaced tooth (per tooth) or replacing avulsed tooth45.23
DG17Occlusal adjustment (simple)30.13
DG22Minor surgical operations not otherwise covered by this schedule129.74
DG23Provision of bite splints185.86
DR1Amalgam 1 surface filling (including 2 fillings on the one surface)82.31
DR2Amalgam 2 surface filling (approximo-occlusal)107.66
DR3Complex amalgam restoration155.76
DR6Non-metallic simple fillings (including 2 fillings on the one surface)94.96
DR7Non-metallic filling (2 or more surfaces per tooth)126.64
DR8Rebonding tooth fragment or coronal portion85.13
DR9Complex reconstruction in composite resin, direct 169.09
DP1Plastic denture (1 tooth—material of choice)474.07
DP2Each additional tooth (all dentures)21.24
DP5Metal-framed partial denture (1 tooth)1,085.64
DP7Transitional denture replacing missing tooth or teeth431.90
DP8Full upper or lower denture708.03
DP11Reline or rebase denture221.66
DP13Repair (all types)72.40
DP14Addition of tooth to existing denture (includes additional tooth)132.98
 Crown and bridge 
 Inlay or onlay and veneers 
DC3Indirect inlay or onlay270.33
DC6Porcelain veneer795.83
DC7Composite resin veneer173.46
DC8Post (wrought or pre-formed)92.93
DC9Composite or amalgam core111.52
DC11Cast post and core (metal or ceramic)213.12
DC15All ceramic crown940.98
DC16Porcelain fused to metal crown904.86
DC17Cast gold crown (full and three-quarters)850.62
DC19Maryland bridge655.64
DC20Composite bridge (per unit)216.83
DC25Re-cementing crown, bridge, veneer, or inlay32.57
DC26Non-composite bridge (on injured teeth that meet the requirement for a crown) (3 units)2,216.15
DC27Replacement of non-composite bridge2,651.59
DN1Pulpotomy or pulpectomy123.91
DN2Irrigation and dressing of root canal system125.77
DN3Complete preparation and obturation of root canal (per canal)—open or closed apex278.79
DN5Apicectomy and retrograde filling (per canal)271.42
DN6Removal of root filling (per canal)217.77
DN7Removal of post, post crown, or crown217.77
DN8Bleaching, 1 non-vital tooth (per treatment)154.88
DN9Pulp capping36.19
DN10Removal of fractured post or instrument217.77
DN11Repair of perforation217.77
DN13Negotiation of calcified canal (can be used with item DN3)217.77
DD2Crown lengthening (per tooth)216.83
DD4Subgingival curettage (per tooth)86.58
DD7Site preparation for dental implant316.65
DD8Placement of membrane339.26
DD9Substitute bone material135.70
 Dental implants 
DM1Resilient linings (tooth or teeth)65.14
DM2Fixture head impressions and copings (per fixture)348.31
DM3Dental implant crown (per single unit)1,085.66
DM4Dental stent and guide (per fixture)117.62
DM5Definitive abutment (per fixture)348.31
DM6Temporary abutment (per fixture)43.43
DM7Repairs to abutments (per fixture)75.36
 Claimants under 18 years old 
DY1Dental consultation, including examination58.42
DY14Temporary crown108.57
DY15Temporary bridge108.57
DY21Surgical decoronation379.98
DY22Removal of deciduous teeth26.55
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment costs 
H1Neurological assay before recompression86.53
H2Neurological assay after recompression77.85
H3In-chamber treatment supervision, per hour90.46
H4Out-of-chamber treatment supervision, per hour44.34
Medical practitioners', nurses', and nurse practitioners’ costs 
 Burn or abrasion 
MB1Treatment of burn not exceeding 4 cm²30.29
MB2Treatment of burn at single site exceeding 4 cm²59.64
MB3Treatment of significant abrasions not exceeding 4 cm² at single site30.30
MB4Treatment of significant abrasions exceeding 4 cm² at single site59.64
MB5Significant burns or abrasions (not including fractures) at multiple sites (exceeding 4 cm²): necessary wound cleaning, preparation, and dressing86.89
MD1Dislocation of finger or toe with splint or strapping35.09
MD2Dislocation of thumb: closed reduction and immobilisation98.34
MD3Dislocation of elbow with radiological confirmation: closed reduction and immobilisation91.08
MD4Dislocation of shoulder: closed reduction and collar and cuff immobilisation65.60
MD5Dislocation of patella: closed reduction and cast immobilisation156.09
MF1Fractured finger or toe (proximal, middle, or distal phalanx): closed reduction and immobilisation35.09
MF2Fractured finger or toe (proximal, middle, or distal phalanx): requiring local anaesthetic48.52
MF3Fractured metatarsal: closed reduction (not requiring cast): closed reduction, immobilisation by strapping35.09
MF4Fractured metacarpal(s) hand: with or without local anaesthetic: immobilisation by strapping48.52
MF5Fractured carpal bone, including scaphoid: treatment by cast immobilisation, not requiring reduction109.29
MF6Fractured tarsal or metatarsal bones (excluding calcaneum or talus): treatment by cast immobilisation156.09
MF7Fractured calcaneum or talus: treatment by cast immobilisation156.09
MF8Fractured clavicle65.60
MF9Fractured distal radius and ulna: cast immobilisation not requiring reduction109.29
MF10Fractured distal radius and ulna requiring closed reduction, involving regional or other form of anaesthesia130.68
MF11Fractured shaft radius and ulna: treatment by cast immobilisation109.29
MF12Fractured distal humerus (supracondylar or condylar): by cast immobilisation109.29
MF13Fractured proximal or shaft humerus: immobilisation by collar and cuff or U-slab66.28
MF14Fractured shaft tibia, or fibula, or both: treatment by cast immobilisation with reduction156.09
MF15Fractured distal tibia or fibula, or both: treatment by cast immobilisation with reduction156.09
MF16Fractured fibula (without tibial fracture): immobilisation with soft tissue strapping66.28
MM1Abscess or haematoma: drainage with incision (with or without local anaesthetic agent)27.33
MM2Insertion of IV line for administration of IV medications or electrolytes or transfusion (if provided under local or national guideline approved by the Corporation)54.67
MM3Nail, simple removal of21.88
MM4Nail, removal of or wedge resection: requiring the use of digital anaesthesia91.08
MM5Removal of embedded or impacted foreign body from cornea or conjunctiva (with use of topical anaesthetic), or from auditory canal or nasal passages, or from skin or subcutaneous tissue with incision, or from rectum or vagina29.43
MM6Pinch skin graft68.34
MM7Dental anaesthetic25.53
MM8Epistaxis: arrest during episode by nasal cavity packing with or without cautery40.36
 Open wound 
MW1Closure of open wounds less than 2 cm: any necessary care and treatment, including cleaning and debriding, exploration, administration of anaesthetic, and dressing32.19
MW2Closure of open wound (or wounds) of skin and subcutaneous tissue or mucous membrane 2 cm to 7 cm long: any necessary care and treatment, including cleaning and debriding, exploration, administration of anaesthetic, and dressing61.41
MW3Closure of open wound (or wounds) of skin and subcutaneous tissue or mucous membrane exceeding 7 cm long: any necessary care and treatment, including cleaning and debriding, exploration, administration of anaesthetic, and dressing81.26
MW4Amputation of digit—including use of anaesthetic, debridement of bone and soft tissue, and closure of wound91.08
 Soft tissue injury 
MT1Simple soft tissue injuries: management of simple sprain of wrist, ankle, knee, elbow, or other soft tissue injury requiring crepe bandage or similar immobilisation not requiring formal strapping14.29
MT2Soft tissue injury (other than splinting of dislocated or fractured digit), unless specified elsewhere: application of plaster or padded splint or specific strapping within agreed guidelines (includes splinting of Achilles tendon injury and serious ankle sprains)66.28
MT3Aspiration of inflamed joint, tendon, bursa, or other subcutaneous tissue or space (with or without injection)32.16
MT4Extensor tendon, primary repair163.95
MT5Ruptured Achilles tendon: management by plaster immobilisation160.71
Radiologists' costs 
RA02Sterno-clavicular joints65.06
RA04Acromio-clavicular joints48.79
RA08Elbow joint44.73
RA10Hand or wrist joint, or both44.73
RA11Wrist or hand for bone age44.73
RA15Upper limb (infant)52.86
RA21Sacro-iliac joints52.86
RA22Pelvis or both hips (1 projection)52.86
RA25Hip joint (more than 1 projection)56.92
RA27Knee joint48.79
RA28Knee joint (and intercondylar or axial)56.92
RA29Tibia and fibula48.79
RA30Ankle joint52.86
RA35Long legs (hips to ankles—including measurement)60.99
RA40Lower limb (infant)56.92
 Head, neck, and spine 
RB01Cervical spine60.99
RB02Thoracic spine56.92
RB03Lumbar spine including lumbosacral joint56.92
RB04Sacro-coccygeal spine52.86
RB08Spine (scoliosis views)60.99
RB12Nasal bones48.79
RB13Facial bones52.86
RB14Optic foramina44.73
RB16Auditory canals (plain films only)56.92
RB21Nasal sinuses44.73
RB23Mastoids (bilateral)56.92
RB24Larynx or trachea, or both48.79
RB31Upper teeth44.73
RB32Lower teeth44.73
RB33Mandible or OPG or lateral cephalogram60.99
RB34Temporo-mandibular joints60.99
RB35Salivary gland52.86
 Chest, including breast 
RC05Thoracic inlet52.86
RC06Chest (1 view)52.86
RC07Chest (more than 1 view)52.86
RC08Chest and thoracic cage65.06
RC09Chest and both oblique views65.06
RC31Screening mammogram89.45
RC32Recall mammogram121.98
RC35Problem mammogram bilateral178.90
RC36Problem mammogram unilateral117.91
RC40Needle localisation239.89
RC45Breast aspiration biopsy239.89
RC46Breast biopsy with stereotaxis239.89
 GI, GU, and obstetrics—no contrast modifiers permitted 
RD01Abdomen (1 projection)52.86
RD02Abdomen (2 or more projections)52.86
RD07Pelvimetry (1 view)52.86
RD08Pelvimetry (2 or more views)52.86
RD10Contrast swallow (oesophagus only)414.73
RD11Contrast study upper GI tract414.73
RD13Small bowel meal414.73
RD14Small bowel enema (enteroclysis)695.29
RD15Contrast enema414.73
RD20Dynamic proctogram414.73
RD40IVP including plain film and tomography239.89
RD44Cystogram: retrograde or antegrade414.73
RD46Micturating cysto-urethrogram414.73
RD47Ascending urethrogram414.73
 Special procedures 
RS42Tube injection239.89
RS61Myelogram cervical414.73
RS62Myelogram lumbar414.73
RS63Myelogram multilevel414.73
RS71Arthrogram—upper limb239.89
RS73Arthrogram—lower limb239.89
 Abdomen and pelvis 
RU01US abdomen126.05
RU02US abdomen and pelvis158.57
RU03US renal tracts117.91
RU04US abdominal aorta (without Doppler)117.91
RU06US pelvis (trans-abdominal only)117.91
RU10US infant head117.91
RU11US infant pylorus117.91
RU12US infant heart223.63
RU13US infant hips117.91
RU19US infant miscellaneous117.91
RU20US thyroid or neck117.91
RU21US scrotum and testes117.91
RU22US breast117.91
RU23US veins166.71
RU24US eye117.91
RU25US chest117.91
RU27US injection or aspiration235.83
RU28US additional region85.39
RU29US miscellaneous117.91
RU30US shoulder166.71
RU31US musculo-skeletal126.05
RU32US foreign body localisation93.52
RU39US skeletal miscellaneous126.05
RU40US prostate146.38
RU41US anus or rectum146.38
RU42US female pelvis (includes trans-vaginal and trans-abdominal, or trans-vaginal only)146.38
RU43US trans-oesophageal248.03
RU44US intraoperative248.03
RU49US intracavitary miscellaneous146.38
RU51Duplex or Doppler of chest199.23
RU56Duplex or Doppler of additional limb (arterial or venous)158.57
RU60US routine pregnancy less than 28 weeks126.05
RU61US problem pregnancy158.57
RU62US pregnancy exceeding 28 weeks158.57
RU64US with amniocentesis235.83
RU68US pregnancy—per extra foetus exceeding 160.99
RX24X-ray additional region44.73
RX25Domiciliary X-ray (in addition)85.39
Specialists' costs 
 Repair recent wound 
SR1Not exceeding 7 cm, superficial129.78
SR2Not exceeding 7 cm, deeper tissue173.03
SR3Exceeding 7 cm, superficial216.31
SR4Exceeding 7 cm, deeper tissue259.56
 Fractures (closed reduction) 
SF2Metacarpals, excluding Bennetts155.74
SF5Carpal bones112.46
SF7Radius and ulna—shafts250.88
SF8Radius—head and neck224.95
SF12Other tarsals147.10
SF13Ankle—fracture dislocation, Potts363.37
SF14Tibia and fibula—shaft415.26
SF15Tibia and fibula—upper end363.37
SF16Tibia and fibula—involving joint traction423.90
SF17Femur, any site, with or without traction640.22
 Haematoma, abscess, or other infection 
SH2Large—incision and drainage (local anaesthetic)103.28
SH3Large—incision and drainage (general anaesthetic)112.46
 Foreign body, removal of 
SB1Under local anaesthetic82.24
SB2Under general anaesthetic181.67
SB3From cornea or sclera56.27
SB4From ear, other than by simple syringing86.53
SB5From muscle, tendon, or other deep tissue259.56
SB6From nose, other than by simple probing103.82
SB7From throat, additional fee86.53
 Dislocations (closed reduction) 
SD1Elbow, wrist, thumb, and fingers with strapping or splint173.03
SP1Upper limb—above elbow129.78
SP2Upper limb—below elbow112.46
SP3Lower limb—above knee155.74
SP4Lower limb—below knee129.78
SM1Aspiration of joint21.67
SM2Amputation of all or part of 1 digit190.35
SM3Extensor tendon, primary repair302.81
SM4Nail, simple removal of86.53
Specified treatment providers' costs 
TMTAll treatment22.56
POD3Podiatry: abcess or haematoma: drainage with incision (with or without local anaesthetic agent)27.33
POD4Podiatry: nail, simple removal of21.88
POD5Podiatry: nail, wedge resection or removal of: requiring the use of digital anaesthesia91.08
XRAYX-ray services provided by chiropractor (maximum of 2 films per claimant per personal injury)13.84

Michael Webster,
for Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the regulations, but is intended to indicate their general effect.

These regulations, which come into force on 1 April 2014, amend the Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003.

Regulations 4 to 11 increase the rates payable for all specified payments by 1.78%.

Regulation 12 and the Schedule substitute updated procedures and rates for dentists' costs, hyperbaric oxygen treatment costs, medical practitioners', nurses', and nurses practitioners' costs, radiologists' costs, specialists' costs, and specified treatment providers' costs.

Issued under the authority of the Legislation Act 2012.

Date of notification in Gazette: 27 February 2014.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.