District Court Rules 2014

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Subpart 2—Commencement of appeal

18.4 Time for appeal if there is right of appeal


This rule applies if a party has a right of appeal to the court.


An appeal must be brought—


within the specified period if the enactment that confers the right of appeal specifies a period within which the appeal must be brought; or


in every other case, within 20 working days after the decision appealed against is given.


By special leave, the court may extend the time prescribed for appealing if the enactment that confers the right of appeal—


permits the extension; or


does not limit the time prescribed for bringing the appeal.


An application for an extension—


must be made by an interlocutory application on notice to every other party affected by the appeal; and


may be made before or after the expiry of the time for appealing.

Compare: HCR 20.4