District Court Rules 2014

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18.3 Judge may call conference and give directions


For the purpose of ensuring that any appeal is determined in a convenient and expeditious manner, and that all matters in dispute are effectively and completely determined, a Judge may hold a conference of parties or counsel presided over by the Judge—


at any time, and on any terms the Judge thinks fit:


on the application of any party or without application.


A Judge presiding at a conference may—


settle the issues to be determined:


direct which persons are to be named as the respondents, or direct that the name of any party be added or struck out:


fix a time for the filing of affidavits or other documents:


fix a time and place for the hearing of the appeal:


make an order in accordance with rule 18.15:


give directions as to the manner in which evidence is to be brought before the court at the hearing of the appeal:


give any other directions necessary for the proper determination of the appeal.


At any time before the hearing of an appeal has started, a Judge may, for the purposes of subclause (1), exercise any of the powers specified in subclause (2) without holding a conference.

Compare: SR 2009/257 r 14.4