Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014

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268 Documents that must accompany notice to Registrar

The following documents must accompany the notice lodged with the Registrar under regulation 267:


the Australian disclosure documents and any document that supplements those documents (whether or not those documents are lodged with the Australian regulator); and


a copy of every Australian exemption or declaration that is relevant to the offer (other than an exemption or a declaration referred to in paragraph (c)); and


particulars of every Australian exemption or declaration that is—


relevant to the offer; and


of general application and applies to a class of persons or a class of transactions; and


to the extent that it is not included as part of the documents referred to in paragraph (a),—


the constitution (if any) of the issuer of the financial products, unless subparagraph (ii) applies:


if the financial products to be offered are interests in an Australian registered scheme, the constitution of the scheme (see section 601GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Aust)):


a copy of each warning statement referred to in regulation 271.

Compare: SR 2008/153 r 12