Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014

Subpart 2—Ongoing disclosure and updating of registers

Updating register entry

50 Duty to notify changes to Registrar


For the purposes of section 95 of the Act, the following are prescribed changes:


if, at the time of the change, the PDS for the regulated offer has an open for applications status,—


a change relating to the information disclosed under a relevant clause that makes that information in the register entry incorrect:


a change of circumstances that has arisen that would have required different information to have been disclosed under a relevant clause had it arisen before the date of the PDS:


a change to an address for communications that is specified in the register entry for the issuer or any other person.


In this regulation, relevant clause means,—


in relation to debt securities, clause 63 of Schedule 2:


in relation to equity securities, clause 52 of Schedule 3:


in relation to managed investment products in a managed fund, clause 51 of Schedule 4:


in relation to other managed investment products, clause 47 of Schedule 5:


in relation to derivatives, clause 28 of Schedule 6.

Regulation 50(1)(a)(ii) example: revoked, on 1 December 2015, by regulation 13 of the Financial Markets Conduct Amendment Regulations 2015 (LI 2015/276).