Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014

Schedule 4 Managed investment products in managed fund

rr 24(1), 40(1), 51, 58, 63(a)


2Interpretation and other matters relating to fees
3Compliance with valuation policies and methodologies and applicable framework or methodology
5Risk indicator diagram
6How risk indicator is calculated and filled in
7Risk indicator based on market index returns
8Risk indicator that would deceive or mislead because of nature of fund
8APDS supplemented by fund updates
8BMultiple-participant schemes
8CMulti-fund investment option and life cycle stage
9PDS sections
10Key information summary
11What is this?
12What will your money be invested in?
13Multi-fund and life cycle investment options
14Who manages [name of scheme or funds]?
15What are the returns?
16How can you get your money out?
17How will your investment be taxed?
18Where can you find more key information?
19Table of contents
21How does this investment work?
23Table showing investment options
24Multi-fund and life cycle investment options
26Risk indicator
27General investment risks
28Other specific risks
29Risks otherwise disclosed in PDS or register entry
31Statement about fees
32Annual fund charges
33Performance-based fees
34Other charges
35Fees for multi-fund and life cycle investment options
36Miscellaneous requirements relating to clauses 32 to 34
37Various individual action fees
38Example of how fees apply to investors
39Whether fees can be changed
41What taxes will you pay?
43About [name of manager]
44Who else is involved?
46How to complain
48Where you can find more information
50How to apply
51General register entry information
52Information about material contracts, market index, and conflicts of interest, etc
53Fund information
53AALimited fund information for certain defined benefit schemes
53AInformation for specified multi-fund investment option or specified life cycle stage
54Information to be lodged with Registrar for updating register
55Sections of fund update
56What is the purpose of this update?
57Description of this fund
58What are the risks of investing?
59How has the fund performed?
60Meaning of return in relation to specified fund
61Market index returns
62Bar graph
63What fees are investors charged?
64Other charges
65Fees table
66Example of how this applies to an investor
67What does the fund invest in?
68Actual investment mix
69Target investment mix
70Top 10 investments
71Miscellaneous matters
72Information about key personnel
73Further information
76Annual report
77Details of scheme
78Information on contributions and scheme participants
79Changes relating to the scheme
80Other information for particular types of managed funds
81Changes to persons involved in the scheme
82How to find further information
83Contact details and complaints
85General modifications
86Modification relating to GAAP
88Multiple-participant schemes provisions do not apply
89Modification relating to SIPO
90Modifications relating to supervisor
91Modifications relating to scheme register
92Modifications to register entry
93Modifications to annual report