Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014

Key personnel

72 Information about key personnel


The fund update must disclose the following information in relation to each of the 5 persons who are directors or employees of the manager, of the investment manager, or of a related body corporate of either of them who have the most impact on investment decisions in relation to the specified fund as at the relevant date (for example, the chief investment officer, the chairperson of the investment committee, and the senior investment analyst in relation to the fund):


the person’s name:


the person’s position:


how long the person has been in that position:


if relevant, the person’s previous position and with whom that position was held:


how long the person was in that previous position.


The requirements in subclause (1) are subject to the following qualifications:


if there are fewer than 5 directors or employees referred to in subclause (1), the information must be disclosed in relation to each of those directors and employees:


if a person has another current position that is not in relation to the registered scheme, and the manager is satisfied that information about that other current position is more relevant than information about the person’s previous position, the manager may, in place of the information specified in subclause (1)(d) and (e),—


disclose that person’s other current position, with whom the position is held, and how long the person has been in that other position; and


indicate in the statement that the position is a current one.


Periods of time that a person has been in a position must be expressed using a “YY years and XX months” format and rounded to the nearest whole month (for example, “John Smith has been in the position for 2 years and 5 months”).


In addition to the information required under subclause (1), the fund update must, unless it is the first fund update for the fund, also note any key personnel on the list who have not been named in a previous fund update for the fund.