Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014

63C Manager of passport fund must lodge information for updating scheme register


This regulation applies if—


the information referred to in section 7 of Annex 2 of the memorandum of cooperation that is recorded in the scheme register in relation to a passport fund has changed; or


a change of circumstances has arisen that would have required different information to have been lodged under regulation 63B had it arisen before the information was lodged.


For the purposes of section 97 of the Act, the manager of the passport fund must, within 5 working days after becoming aware of the matter referred to in subclause (1), lodge with the Registrar information to update the information recorded in the scheme register.


Regulation 63B and section 7 of Annex 2 of the memorandum of cooperation provide for the scheme register to include a list of the host economies in which the passport fund has completed the entry process under the memorandum.

After becoming registered as a passport fund, ABC Fund has completed the entry process in Japan. The manager of ABC Fund must lodge information with the Registrar to update the list on the scheme register.

Regulation 63C: inserted, on 14 June 2019, by regulation 8 of the Financial Markets Conduct (Asia Region Funds Passport) Amendment Regulations 2019 (LI 2019/101).