Children’s (Requirements for Safety Checks of Children’s Workers) Regulations 2015

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6 Information about previous criminal convictions (if any), etc


A specified organisation must arrange to obtain from the New Zealand Police Vetting Service a Police vet of a person in respect of whom a safety check is being undertaken under this Part.


However, subclause (1) does not apply if—


a Police vet of the person has been obtained by the specified organisation within the preceding 3 years; or


the person is a current member of a professional organisation and that organisation routinely arranges a Police vet of—


all new members; and


all current members, at intervals of not more than 3 years; or


the person is, under any enactment, licensed or registered to carry on a particular activity and the licensing or registration authority is required under the enactment to obtain a Police vet of—


any person it licenses or registers; and


any person currently licensed or registered, at intervals of not more than 3 years.