Health and Safety at Work (Worker Engagement, Participation, and Representation) Regulations 2016

Schedule 3 Types of work or sectors excluded from high-risk sectors or industries


ANZSIC classification codeSector or industryWork type/sector excluded

Onshore aquaculture

A03Forestry and logging

Forest product gathering, which comprises—

Kauri gum digging

Native orchid gathering

Pine cone gathering

Resin gathering

Mushroom gathering

A04Fishing, hunting, and trapping

Hunting or trapping of certain non-New Zealand species, which comprises—

Turtle hunting

Buffalo hunting

Crocodile hunting

Dingo hunting or trapping

Kangaroo hunting

Snake catching

C11Food product manufacturing

Bakery product manufacturing when carried out in the home


Bakery product manufacturing (non-factory-based)

E32 Construction services

Curtain installation

Fly wire screen installation

Michael Webster,
Clerk of the Executive Council.