Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016

Schedule 5 Injuries, illnesses, and incidents declared to be notifiable events under Act

r 225

Any of the following that occurs at a mining operation:

Fire, ignition, explosion, or smoke

any outbreak of fire underground involving open flame:


the ignition underground of any gas or dust:


any accident where mine workers are required to evacuate a part or the whole of the underground parts of an underground mining operation or tunnelling operation because of smoke:


the outbreak of any fire on the surface that endangers mine workers on the surface or in the underground parts of the mining operation:


any fire on plant, including mobile plant, or in a building associated with mining or tunnelling activities:


in relation to a coal mining operation, the detection of any spontaneous combustion:

Ventilation and gas

any accident where mine workers are required to evacuate a part or the whole of the underground parts of a mining operation or tunnelling operation because of methane or any other gas:


any unplanned stoppage of the main fan in excess of 30 minutes:


any unplanned accumulation of methane or other gas requiring formal degassing operations:


the loss of consciousness of any mine worker, including as a result of asphyxia:

Outburst, inundation, or inrush

any violent outburst of coal, gas, or solid matter:


any windblast event capable of injuring or causing the death of any mine worker or damaging seals or stoppings:


any inundation or inrush of water or material that flows when wet:


any structural failure of a tip, pond, or dam resulting in unintended movement or release of material or fluids:


unintended holing into old workings in an underground mining operation or tunnelling operation:

Ground, geotechnical, and other structural failures

any failure of ground control that prevents persons from passing through the area or otherwise exposes them to danger:


any ground movement of a surface slope, face, bench, or haul road that has the potential to cause injury or death:


any movement of a surface slope or face that adversely affects any building, footpath, waterway, public utility, or other area of public access:


in relation to the surface of a mining operation, the structural failure of any gantry, storage bunker, tower, or other elevated structure:

Emergency, escape, and rescue

any initiation of the mine emergency plan other than during a planned exercise:


use of emergency escape equipment, including self-contained self-rescuers or other breathing apparatus, except during training:


failure in use or training of any emergency escape equipment or mines rescue breathing apparatus:


any emergency evacuation of a part or the whole of a mining operation:


the unplanned unavailability of 1 or more of the emergency escapeways from an underground mining operation or tunnelling operation:


any occasion when a mine worker or mine workers are trapped or unable to leave their place of work in a mining operation:

Vehicles and plant

any collision of mobile plant with other plant, including mobile plant, with a potential to cause serious injury:


any overturning of mobile plant, regardless of which part of the mobile plant is against the ground when it comes to rest:


any unintended movement or brake failure of mobile plant that could have caused serious injury:


any occasion on which mobile plant breaches a safety berm or windrow:


a failure of any part of a powered shaft winding system causing danger:


the sinking of any waterborne craft:


any misfiring of a round of shots on a face:


any unplanned or premature ignition of a shot:


any accident where a person suffers injury or dies as a result of shot-firing:


any accident where material is projected beyond the declared danger zone or otherwise exposes any person to danger during blasting operations:


unintended contact of any mobile plant with conductors, whether overhead or underground:


any occurrence of electrical arcing or electric shock:


any automatic isolation of electricity or shutdown of mobile plant under regulation 201:


any fatality.

Compare: SR 2013/483 Schedule 8