Residential Tenancies (Smoke Alarms and Insulation) Regulations 2016

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12 Qualifying ceiling insulation: general rule


For the purposes of regulation 11(3), the ceiling insulation is qualifying ceiling insulation if,—


when the insulation was originally installed, the insulation, as a product, had the following R-value (at least):


2.9, if the premises are located in zone 1 or zone 2:


3.3, if the premises are located in zone 3; and


upon the completion of the original installation of the insulation, if that occurred on or after 1 July 2016, the original installation accorded with NZS 4246:2006 (so far as that standard was relevant to the original installation); and


the insulation is currently in a reasonable condition (or better).


Subclause (3) applies for the purposes of subclause (1)(a) if—


the ceiling insulation was originally installed as a new product; and


the manufacturer’s instructions for the insulation certify, or otherwise state, the R-value of the insulation as a product.


The R-value of the ceiling insulation, as a product, when it was originally installed is taken to be the R-value as certified, or otherwise stated, in the manufacturer’s instructions.


If different parts of the ceiling insulation were originally installed at different times, subclause (1)(a) and (b) is applied separately to each different part.


If, in any location, the ceiling insulation consists of 1 product with 1 or more other products installed on top of it, compliance with subclause (1)(a) in respect of that location is determined by using the combined R-values of the products calculated by—


taking the R-value of each product when it was originally installed; and


adding those R-values together.


This regulation is subject to regulation 13.