High Court Rules 2016

Subpart 8—Memorandum on first document

5.44 Memorandum at end of first document filed by party


At the end of the first document filed by a party there must be a memorandum stating—


that the document is filed by a party in person, or by the party’s solicitor, as the case may be; and


if it is filed by a solicitor,—


the name of the solicitor; and


if the solicitor is a member of a firm or practises under a firm’s name, the name of the firm; and


if it is filed by a solicitor who has another solicitor acting as the solicitor’s agent in the proceeding,—


the name of the agent or of the agent’s firm (if any); and


the postal address of the party’s solicitor; and


an address for service; and


any post office box address, document exchange box number, fax number, or email address by which the solicitor or the party in person will accept service in the course of the proceeding.


The memorandum may be in one of the paragraphs of form G 10.

Compare: 1908 No 89 Schedule 2 r 44

Rule 5.44(1)(e): replaced, on 11 November 2013, by rule 6 of the High Court Amendment Rules (No 3) 2013 (SR 2013/425).