High Court Rules 2016

19.4 Certain directions may be sought by originating application

The following office holders may seek the directions of the court by originating application:


a liquidator:


a receiver:


a judicial manager appointed under Part 1A of the Life Insurance Act 1908:


a statutory manager appointed under the Corporations (Investigation and Management) Act 1989:


a statutory manager appointed under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989:


a trustee seeking directions as to whether or not to bring or defend a proceeding in their capacity as a trustee (a Beddoe application).

Compare: 1908 No 89 Schedule 2 r 458D(1)(d)

Rule 19.4(f): inserted, on 20 May 2021, by rule 8 of the High Court Amendment Rules 2021 (LI 2021/81).