Cadastral Survey Amendment Rules 2017


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Cadastral Survey Amendment Rules 2017

Pursuant to section 49 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 and after complying with that section, the Surveyor-General makes the following rules.


3Principal rules amended
4New rules 20.1 to 20.10 inserted
20Cadastral survey rules for greater Christchurch
20.1Terms and definitions
20.2Certain rules do not apply to greater Christchurch
20.3Defining by survey or acceptance of affected boundaries
20.4Defining and referencing affected boundaries
20.5Occupation and physical features in diagram
20.6Defining non-primary parcel boundaries and underlying boundaries
20.7Boundaries to be marked
20.8Removing boundary marks
20.9Water body centreline boundaries
20.10Reduced level for unaffected stratum boundaries