Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

17.103 WorkSafe may increase capacity of tanks in secondary containment systems


For the purposes of regulation 17.102(3), WorkSafe may, on application from a relevant PCBU, increase the capacity of the stationary tanks within a secondary containment system to contain a class 3.1 substance.


An application to increase the capacity of stationary tanks must be—


be in the form required by WorkSafe (if any); and


be accompanied by the fee (if any) prescribed in Schedule 2.


WorkSafe must not approve an increased capacity that exceeds 120 000 000 L.


In considering whether to increase capacity, WorkSafe must have regard to the following matters:


the degree of hazard associated with the class 3.1 substance or substances within the secondary containment system to which the application relates and (if applicable) any existing secondary containment system:


for each secondary containment system, the relationship between the capacity of the system’s largest stationary tank and the capacity of the system:


the type of design and construction of the stationary tank:


the availability of means to prevent unintended ignition, and of means to control the effects of unintended ignition, of hazardous substances within the secondary containment system:


any other matter that WorkSafe considers appropriate.