Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

Schedule 2 Hazardous substances compliance fees

ProvisionActivityFee ($ incl GST)
6.5Application for authorisation as compliance certifier830
6.13Application to vary scope or conditions of compliance certifier authorisation583
6.14Renewal of compliance certifier authorisation415
6.34Application for exemption from compliance certificate requirement259
6.41Cost of compliance certifier audit976
6.41Compliance certifier audit hourly rate (for audit exceeding 8 hours)137
7.1Application for controlled substance licence201
7.11Application for replacement controlled substance licence document57.50
8.2Application for extension of renewal period for compliance certificate for hazardous substance location (classes 1 to 5)525
11.40Application for exemption from separation distance or other matter in subpart 1 or 2 of Part 11870
15.4Application for alteration of design to withstand maximum developed pressure870
15.18Application for exemption from requirement to obtain design verification certificate, compliance certificate for imported cylinder, or pre-commissioning certificate259
15.39Application for exemption from requirement to obtain compliance certificate for imported or manufactured cylinder fittings259
15.52Application for authorisation as test station369
16.44Application for exemption from requirement for fire-fighting facilities for LPG, propane, butane, or isobutane tank wagons with capacity of at least 12 000 L870
17.39Application for approval of disused below ground stationary tank (so it need not be removed)525
17.41Application for exemption from fire-fighting equipment and facilities requirements525
17.48Application for approval of type of dispenser525
17.53Application for approval of type of vapouriser525
17.67Application for approval of type of burner525
17.92Application to increase validity period of compliance certificate for stationary container system525
17.100Application for approval of lesser capacity for secondary containment system525
17.103Application to increase aggregate capacity of stationary tanks within secondary containment system870
17.104Application to increase aggregate capacity of group of stationary tanks within intermediate secondary containment system870
Schedule 1, clause 43Approval of compliance plan for stationary container system870