Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

Schedule 3 Quantities of hazardous substances that require signage

r 2.5(1)

Hazard classificationDescriptionQuantity
1Fireworks subject to the Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 20011 000 kg (gross weight)
Safety ammunition, including pre-primed cartridges and primers, of class 1.4S10 000 kg (gross weight)
Airbag initiators and seatbelt pretensioners of classes 1.4G and 1.4S5 000 kg (gross weight)
Cable cutters of class 1.4S (UN 0070)5 000 kg (gross weight)
Power device cartridges of class 1.4S (UN 0323)5 000 kg (gross weight)
Signal or shock tubes of class 1.4S (UN 0349)5 000 kg (gross weight)
Cassette degradation devices of class 1.4S (UN 0432)5 000 kg (gross weight)
Propellants of class 1.1C (UN 0160) and 1.3C (UN 0161 and UN 0499), gun-powder of class 1.1D (UN 0027), and substances of classes 1.3G, 1.4G, and 1.4S not listed above50 kg
All remaining explosive hazardous classificationsAny quantity
2.1.1ANon-permanent gas250 kg
Permanent gas100 m3
2.1.1BNon-permanent gas500 kg
Permanent gas200 m3
2.1.2AAerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
3.1A, 3.2A, 4.1.3A, 4.2A, 4.3ALiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
(HRC000003, HSR000073, HSR001442) petrol, E10, aviation gasoline, and racing gasoline Liquid250 L
(HRC000003, HRC000073, HSR001442) petrol, E10, aviation gasoline, and racing gasoline on a farm equal to or more than 4 ha in areaLiquid2 000 L
3.1B, 3.2B, 4.1.3B, 4.2B, 4.3BLiquid250 L
Solid250 kg
3.1C, 3.2C, 4.1.3C, 4.2C, 4.3CLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
3.1DLiquid10 000 L
4.1.1ASolid250 kg
4.1.1BSolid1 000 kg
4.1.2A, 4.1.2BLiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
4.1.2C, 4.1.2DLiquid250 L
Solid250 kg
4.1.2E, 4.1.2F, 4.1.2GLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
5.1.1ALiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
5.1.1BLiquid500 L
Solid500 kg
5.1.1CLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
(HSR002570) 5.1.1C fertiliser on a farm equal to or more than 4 ha in areaLiquid3 000 L
Solid3 000 kg
5.1.2ANon-permanent gas250 kg
Permanent gas500 m3
5.2A, 5.2BLiquid1 L
Solid1 kg
5.2C, 5.2D, 5.2E, 5.2FLiquid10 L
Solid10 kg
6.1ALiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
(HSR100557) micro-encapsulated zinc phosphide containing 275/kg zinc phosphideSolid50 kg
6.1BLiquid250 L
Solid250 kg
6.1CLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
6.1DLiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg
Aerosol 3 000 L aggregate water capacity
6.1A, 6.1B, 6.1CNon-permanent gas5 kg
Permanent gas2.5 m3
8.1ALiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
8.2ANon-permanent gas5 kg
Permanent gas2.5 m3
Liquid50 L
Solid50 kg
8.2BNon-permanent gas50 kg
Permanent gas25 m3
Liquid250 L
Solid250 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
8.2C, 8.3ALiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
9.1ALiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
9.1B, 9.1CLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
(HSR000074) Roundup TransorbLiquid1 000 L
(HSR001551) Tetrachloroethylene [Perchloroethylene]Liquid1 000 L
(HSR002571) 9.1A fertiliser on a farm equal to or more than 4 ha in areaLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
9.1DLiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg

Note: In this schedule, a reference to a class 9 substance is for information only. The EPA is responsible for setting the controls on class 9 substances.

Compare: SR 2001/123 Schedule 5