Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

Schedule 5 Threshold quantities for emergency response plan

r 5.6

Hazard classificationDescriptionQuantity
1.1A, 1.1B, 1.1C, 1.1D 1.1E, 1.1FLiquid50 L
1.1G, 1.1J, 1.1L, 1.2B, 1.2C, 1.2D, 1.2E, 1.2F, 1.2G, 1.2H, 1.2J, 1.2K, 1.2L Solid50 kg
1.3C, 1.3F, 1.3G, 1.3H, 1.3J, 1.3KLiquid100 L
1.3LSolid100 kg
1.4B, 1.4C, 1.4D, 1.4E, 1.4F, 1.4GLiquid200 L
1.4S, 1.5D, 1.6N except—

safety ammunition, including pre-primed cartridges and primers of class 1.4S; and


airbag initiators and seatbelt pretensioners of classes 1.4G and 1.4S; and


cable cutters of class 1.4S (UN 0070); and


power device cartridges of class 1.4S (UN 0323); and


signal or shock tubes of class 1.4S (UN 0349); and


cassette degradation devices of class 1.4S (UN 0432); and


emergency flares and signalling devices of classes 1.3G, 1.4G, and 1.4S.

Solid 200 kg
2.1.1APermanent gas200 m3
Non-permanent gas300 kg
2.1.1BPermanent gas600 m3
Non-permanent gas1 000 kg
2.1.2AAerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
3.1ALiquid100 L
(HSR008039) E85Liquid1 000 L
3.1BLiquid1 000 L
3.1C, 3.1DLiquid10 000 L
3.2A, 3.2B, 3.2CLiquid100 L
4.1.1ASolid1 000 kg
4.1.1BSolid10 000 kg
4.1.2A, 4.1.2BLiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
4.1.2C, 4.1.2DLiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
4.1.2E, 4.1.2F, 4.1.2GLiquid200 L
Solid200 kg
4.1.3A, 4.1.3B, 4.1.3CLiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
4.2ALiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
4.2BSolid1 000 kg
4.2CSolid 10 000 kg
4.3ALiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
4.3BLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
4.3CLiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg
5.1.1ALiquid50 L
Solid50 kg
5.1.1BLiquid500 L
Solid500 kg
5.1.1CLiquid5 000 L
Solid5 000 kg
5.1.2APermanent gas100 m3
Non-permanent gas100 kg
5.2A, 5.2BLiquid10 L
Solid10 kg
5.2C, 5.2DLiquid25 L
Solid25 kg
5.2E, 5.2FLiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
6.1A, 6.1B, 6.1CPermanent gas2.5 m3
Non-permanent gas 5 kg
Liquid100 L
Solid100 kg
Ripper range, 30–55% iodomenthane and 45–70% chloropicrin, HSNO approval number HSR100349 Liquid50 L
Ripper 980, HSNO approval number HSR100350Liquid50 L
6.1D, 6.5A, 6.5B, 6.7APermanent gas 25 m3
Non-permanent gas 50 kg
Liquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
6.6A, 6.7B, 6.8A, 6.9ALiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
8.2APermanent gas2.5 m3
Non-permanent gas 5kg
Liquid100 L
Solid100 kg
8.2BPermanent gas25 m3
Non-permanent gas50 kg
Liquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
8.2C, 8.3ALiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg
Aerosol3 000 L aggregate water capacity
9.1ALiquid100 L
Solid100 kg
9.1B, 9.1CLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
HSR000074 (Roundup Transorb)Liquid1 000 L
(HSR002571) 9.1A fertiliser on a farm equal to or more than 4 ha in areaLiquid1 000 L
Solid1 000 kg
9.1DLiquid10 000 L
Solid10 000 kg

Note: In this schedule, a reference to a class 9 substance is for information only. The EPA is responsible for setting the controls on class 9 substances.

Compare: SR 2001/123 Schedule 4