Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Regulations 2017

Part 6 Alteration of register

Subpart 1—Alteration to registered geographical indication proposed by Registrar

47 Opposition to alteration proposed by Registrar


An interested person may, under section 46B of the Act, oppose a proposal by the Registrar on the Registrar’s own initiative to alter a registered geographical indication, or the conditions or boundaries relating to it, by filing a counter-statement.


The counter-statement must—


be filed within 2 months after the date on which the proposed alteration was first publicly notified; and


contain, or be accompanied by,—


the registration number of the geographical indication to which the counter-statement relates; and


if the opponent is not the registrant, a statement of the basis on which the opponent claims to be an interested person; and


the grounds on which the proposed alteration is opposed; and


the facts relied on in support of the opposition.


The opponent may, within 4 months after the date on which the opponent files the counter-statement, file evidence in support of the opponent’s case.


The opponent discontinues the opposition if the opponent notifies the Registrar that the opponent withdraws the opposition.

Compare: LI 2014/275 r 140