Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Regulations 2017

Opposition to application

50 Opposition to application


An interested person may, under section 46B of the Act, oppose an application to alter a registered geographical indication, or the conditions or boundaries relating to it, by filing a counter-statement.


The counter-statement must—


be filed within 2 months after the date on which the proposed alteration was first publicly notified; and


be signed by the opponent; and




if the opponent is not the registrant, a statement of the basis on which the opponent claims to be an interested person; and


a response to the applicant’s grounds for the proposed alteration, by admitting, denying, or claiming lack of knowledge of each assertion made in the application; and


a brief statement of the facts on which the opponent relies in opposing the proposed alteration.


The Registrar must, as soon as practicable, send a copy of any counter-statement to the applicant.


The Registrar must determine the application on the documents filed by the applicant if the opponent does not comply with subclauses (1) and (2).

Compare: SR 2003/187 rr 101, 102