Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Regulations 2017

77 Notice of revocation of authority given by agent


An agent (A) of a principal (X) may give written notice to the Registrar of the revocation of A’s authority as X’s agent.


The notice must—


be signed by A; and




X’s name and address for service; and


A’s name; and


if A is (or has been) authorised to act in respect of a particular geographical indication,—


the application number or registration number of the geographical indication; or


details of the geographical indication (if an application number or registration number has not been assigned); and


a statement that A’s authority as X’s agent has been revoked.


A notice that complies with this regulation is effective on and from the date on which it is received by the Registrar.

Compare: SR 2003/187 r 25A