Education Council Amendment Rules 2018


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Education Council Amendment Rules 2018

Pursuant to section 388 of the Education Act 1989, the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, after consultation in accordance with subsection (3) of that section, makes the following rules.


3Principal rules
4Rule 3 amended (Interpretation)
5Rule 4 amended (Overview)
6Rule 9 replaced (Criteria for reporting serious misconduct)
9Criteria for reporting serious misconduct
7Rule 11 amended (Investigation and referral of report or complaint by chief executive)
8Rule 12 amended (Notification to teacher and current employer of referral of report or complaint to Complaints Assessment Committee, competence assessor, or Education Council)
9Rule 38 amended (Application of this Part)
10Rule 40 amended (Investigation by competence assessor)
11Rule 41 amended (Report prepared by competence assessor)
12Cross-heading above rule 42 amended
13Rule 42 amended (Actions following report prepared by competence assessor that recommends conditions be imposed)
14Rule 43 amended (Actions following report prepared by competence assessor that makes other recommendations)
15Rule 44 amended (Teacher’s response if report referred to Competence Authority or Education Council)
16Rule 45 amended (Meeting of Competence Authority)
17Rule 46 replaced (Meeting of Education Council)
46Replacement of member if conflict of interest
18Rule 47 amended (Conditions imposed)
19Rule 48 amended (Notice of decision of Competence Authority or Education Council)
20New Part 7A inserted
48AApplication of this Part
48BNotification of referral of application to Registration Panel
48CMeeting of Registration Panel regarding application for registration
48DReplacement of members if conflict of interest
48ENotice of Registration Panel’s decision
21Part 8 heading replaced
22Rule 55 amended (Operation of panels)
23Rules 57 and 58 replaced
57Establishment of Competence Authority
58Membership of Competence Authority
58AOperation of panels of Competence Authority
58BCo-opted members
58CValidity of proceedings
24Cross-heading above rule 59 amended
25Rule 59 amended (Powers of investigators and competence assessors)
26Rule 60 amended (Investigators and competence assessors not personally liable and indemnity)
27New rules 60A and 60B and cross-heading inserted
60AMembership of Registration Panel
60BPowers and functions of Registration Panel
28Rule 61 amended (Term of appointment to disciplinary body or Competence Authority)
29Schedule 1 amended
Explanatory note
Administrative Information