Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018

Schedule 3 Minimum amounts of hazardous substances for purposes of section 75(1)(d) of Act

r 23

Part 1 Hazardous substances classified under Hazardous Substances (Classification) Notice 2017

Property of substance (and physical state)Hazard classification under Hazardous Substances (Classification) Notice 2017Quantity
Explosive1.1 or 1.20 kg
1.310 kg
1.4, 1.5, or 1.620 kg
Flammable (gas)2.1.1A (other than LPG)30 kg or 30 m3
2.1.1A (LPG only)100 kg or 60 m3
2.1.1B100 kg or 60 m3
2.1.2A300 ℓ
Flammable (liquid)3.1A15 ℓ
3.1B100 ℓ
3.1C or 3.1D1 000 ℓ
3.2A, 3.2B, or 3.2C10 ℓ
Flammable (solid)4.1.1A10 kg
4.1.1B100 kg
Flammable (substance)4.1.2A or 4.1.2B5 kg or 5 ℓ
4.1.2C or 4.1.2D10 kg or 10 ℓ
4.1.2E, 4.1.2F, or 4.1.2G20 kg or 20 ℓ
Flammable (solid)4.1.3A, 4.1.3B, or 4.1.3C10 kg
Flammable (substance)4.2A10 kg or 10 ℓ
4.2B100 kg or 100 ℓ
4.2C1 000 kg or 1 000 ℓ
Flammable (solid)4.3A10 kg
4.3B100 kg
4.3C1 000 kg
Capacity to oxidise (liquid or solid)5.1.1A5 kg
5.1.1B50 kg
5.1.1C500 kg or 10 ℓ
Capacity to oxidise (gas)5.1.2A0.5 kg or 2.5 m3
Capacity to oxidise5.2A, 5.2B, 5.2C, 5.2D, 5.2E, or 5.2F10 kg
Toxic (substance)6.1A, 6.1B, or 6.1C10 kg or 10 ℓ
Toxic (gas)6.1A, 6.1B, or 6.1C0.5 kg or 2.5 m3
Toxic6.1D100 kg
Corrosive (substance)8.1A or 8.2A10 kg or 10 ℓ
Corrosive (gas)8.1A or 8.2A0.5 kg or 0.25 m3
Corrosive (substance)8.2B100 kg or 100 ℓ
Corrosive (gas)8.2B0.5 kg or 0.25 m3
Corrosive (solid, liquid, or gas)8.2C or 8.3A500 kg or 500 ℓ

Part 2 Infectious and radioactive substances

Property of substanceHazardQuantity
InfectiousRisk Group 3 microorganisms as defined in AS/NZS 2243.3:2002—Safety in laboratories—Microbiological aspects and containment facilitiesAny amount
Ionising radioactive materialCategory 1, 2, or 3 radionuclide as listed in Table 2 of Appendix 1 of International Atomic Energy Agency Safety Standards Series No RS-G-1.9 Categorization of Radioactive Sources (as at the commencement of these regulations)Any amount