Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations 2018

Persons to be regularly contacted

29 Other people who must be contacted

The chief executive must also ensure that the following persons are contacted and discussions are held on a regular basis to monitor the ongoing safety and well-being of a child or young person in care or custody and to ensure that the needs assessment and plan for the child or young person are up to date and that the plan is being implemented:


the child’s or young person’s caregiver, in order to seek to understand—


the needs of the child or young person; and


what support may be required to enable the caregiver to meet, or continue to meet, the child’s or young person’s needs:


other professionals who provide ongoing services to the child or young person:


members of the child’s or young person’s family, whānau, hapū, iwi, and family group who are identified as important to or for the child under regulation 12(1)(c) and (d).