Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations 2018

68 Method of providing information and explanation


The information and explanation given to a child or young person must be provided in a manner and in language that is appropriate for the age, development, language, and any disability of the child or young person, to best assist them to understand it.


Whenever the child’s or young person’s plan is reviewed, the chief executive must ensure that relevant information is provided and explained to the child or young person to ensure that they have the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the matters in regulation 66 as they grow and develop.


If the child or young person who is required to be given information or an explanation under regulation 66 or 67 does not have the capacity to understand the information or explanation (for example, because of their age, language development, or a disability), this information must be provided to an appropriate person (for example, the child’s or young person’s caregiver or an advocate).