Financial Markets Conduct (Asia Region Funds Passport) Regulations 2019

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27 Form of notice required by regulation 26


A notice required by regulation 26 must—


state that the New Zealand offeror intends to make an offer of managed investment products in 1 or more participating economies under the passport fund recognition scheme; and


be signed and dated by the New Zealand offeror or a person with authority to act on the New Zealand offeror’s behalf; and


contain the information set out in subclause (2).


The information is as follows:


the name of the New Zealand offeror:


the New Zealand offeror’s registration number:


particulars of the managed investment products to be offered:


confirmation that the scheme is registered on the register of managed investment schemes and is identified as a passport fund on that register:


the name of the participating economy or economies in which the products are proposed to be offered:


the proposed offer period for the offer of the products in each of those economies:


the name of the person signing the notice on the New Zealand offeror’s behalf.

Compare: LI 2014/326 r 278