Ship Registration (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2019


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Ship Registration (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2019

Patsy Reddy, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 27th day of May 2019

Her Excellency the Governor-General in Council

These regulations are made under section 87 of the Ship Registration Act 1992 on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council.


1 Title

These regulations are the Ship Registration (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2019.

2 Commencement

These regulations come into force on 1 July 2019.

3 Principal regulations

These regulations amend the Ship Registration (Fees) Regulations 2013 (the principal regulations).

4 Regulation 3 amended (Interpretation)

In regulation 3, insert in its appropriate alphabetical order:

Authority means Maritime New Zealand, established under the Maritime Transport Act 1994

5 Regulation 4 replaced (Fees)

Replace regulation 4 with:

4 Fees for ship registration activities in Schedule


A person for whom the Director performs a ship registration activity specified in column 1 of the Schedule must pay to the Director the fee specified for that activity in column 2 of the Schedule.


A fee is payable when the relevant application is made.

6 Regulation 5 amended (Director may refund or waive fees)

In regulation 5(a), replace “charge” with “fee”.

7 Schedule replaced

Replace the Schedule with the Schedule set out in the Schedule of these regulations.

Schedule New Schedule

r 7

Schedule Fees for ship registration activities

r 4

Column 1Column 2
Ship registration activityFee ($)
Part A of Register
Initial registry—new build ship exceeding 24 m2,450
Initial registry—new build ship not exceeding 24 m1,715
Initial registry or re-registry—existing ship exceeding 24 m2,940
Initial registry or re-registry—existing ship not exceeding 24 m2,205
Initial registry—demise charter ship3,340
Provisional certificate of registry490
Exemption from Part A registration (section 6(3) of Act)1,470
Temporary pass245
Transfer of ship or share in ship613
Transmission of ship or share in ship613
Replacement certificate of registry245
Change of ship’s name or port of registry245
Change of ship’s name and port of registry368
Alterations to ship613
Appointment or change of representative person245
Change of name or nationality of owner, mortgagee, charterer, or representative person490
Endorsement of master’s details on certificate of registry245
Registration of mortgage490
Alteration of terms of mortgage by endorsement368
Variation of priority of mortgages368
Transfer of mortgage368
Transmission of mortgage by operation of law368
Discharge of mortgage245
Certified transcript of registry245
Certified copy of document245
Computer printout of registry details245
Inspection of Register245
Copy of list of ships over 100 gross tons or 24 m in length245
Part B of Register
Initial registration368
Provisional certificate of registration368
Renewal of registration (within 6 months before expiry)245
Re-registration (within 6 months after expiry)245
Replacement certificate of registration245
Change of ship’s name245
Change of registered owner’s name368
Certified transcript of registration245
Certified copy of document245
Computer printout of registration details245
Inspection of register245

Michael Webster,
Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the regulations, but is intended to indicate their general effect.

These regulations, which come into force on 1 July 2019, amend the Ship Registration (Fees) Regulations 2013 (the principal regulations) by prescribing a simpler range of fixed fees for specified ship registration activities performed by the Director of Maritime New Zealand.

Regulatory impact assessment

Maritime New Zealand produced a regulatory impact assessment on 27 February 2019 to help inform the decisions taken by the Government relating to the contents of this instrument.

Issued under the authority of the Legislation Act 2012.

Date of notification in Gazette: 30 May 2019.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Transport.