Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) Order 2019

Schedule Ammunition declared prohibited ammunition

cl 3

Tracer ammunitionProjectiles containing an element that enables the trajectory of the projectiles to be observed
Enhanced-penetration ammunitionProjectiles that have a steel or tungsten carbide penetrator intended to achieve better penetration
Armour-piercing ammunitionProjectiles intended to penetrate or perforate armour plate and ceramic armours, typically achieved through the use of hardened or specialised core materials
Incendiary ammunition (excluding flares for flare guns)Projectiles designed to provide an incendiary effect on impact with the target
Explosive ammunitionProjectiles containing a high-explosive charge that detonates on impact with or in close proximity to the target
Multi-purpose ammunitionArmour-piercing incendiary ammunition in which the incendiary compound is replaced by a high-explosive charge to provide a blast, fragmentation, and incendiary effect as well as an armour-piercing effect
Discarding-sabot ammunition (excluding shotgun cartridges)Small-diameter projectiles designed to pierce armour that are placed into a supporting plug (a sabot) and then pushed down the bore as an assembly; the sabot is stripped off when the assembly leaves the barrel
Multi-projectile ammunition (excluding shotgun cartridges and rimfire cartridges loaded with shot)Ammunition that has the ability to fire multiple projectiles in a single shot (for example, duplex ammunition)
Chemical or biological carrier ammunition (excluding projectiles for any device designed and intended solely for any medical, surgical, veterinary, scientific, agricultural, industrial, or other similar lawful purpose)Projectiles that have the ability to carry a chemical or biological agent
Flechettes (excluding projectiles designed and intended solely for any bolt gun, stud gun, humane killer, deer net gun, nail gun, or a pistol that is part of rocket-throwing or line-throwing equipment)Lightweight, fin-stabilised projectiles, fired from a sabot, with an aerodynamic shape and small frontal area to minimise air resistance

Schedule: amended, on 18 October 2019, by clause 4 of the Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) Amendment Order 2019 (LI 2019/248).

Michael Webster,
Clerk of the Executive Council.