Ombudsmen (Strategic Planning Reform Board) Order 2021


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Ombudsmen (Strategic Planning Reform Board) Order 2021

Patsy Reddy, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 29th day of March 2021

Her Excellency the Governor-General in Council

This order is made under section 32(1)(a) and (c) of the Ombudsmen Act 1975 on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council.


1 Title

This order is the Ombudsmen (Strategic Planning Reform Board) Order 2021.

2 Commencement

This order comes into force on 29 April 2021.

3 Schedule 1 of Ombudsmen Act 1975 amended

In the Ombudsmen Act 1975, Schedule 1, Part 1B, insert in its appropriate alphabetical order:

Strategic Planning Reform Board Ministry for the Environment

Michael Webster,
Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the order, but is intended to indicate its general effect.

This order, which comes into force on 29 April 2021, inserts the name of the Strategic Planning Reform Board into Part 1B of Schedule 1 of the Ombudsmen Act 1975. The Strategic Planning Reform Board (the board) is a new interdepartmental executive board to which the Public Service Act 2020 applies (see the Public Service (Strategic Planning Reform Board) Order 2021).

The effect of this order is that both the Ombudsmen Act 1975 and the Official Information Act 1982 apply to the board.

Issued under the authority of the Legislation Act 2012.

Date of notification in Gazette: 1 April 2021.

This order is administered by the Ministry of Justice.