COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border, Isolation and Quarantine, and Required Testing) Amendment Order 2021


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border, Isolation and Quarantine, and Required Testing) Amendment Order 2021

This order is made by the Minister for COVID-19 Response under sections 11 and 15(1) of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 in accordance with section 9 of that Act.


3Principal order
4Clause 4 amended (Interpretation)
5New clause 4A inserted (Meaning of QFT flight)
4AMeaning of QFT flight
6Clause 7A amended (Air carrier must not cause aircraft to arrive in New Zealand without complying with requirement)
7Clause 7B amended (Certain air carriers to comply with requirements relating to pre-departure testing)
8New clause 7D inserted (Steps to be taken in relation to QFT flights)
7DSteps to be taken in relation to QFT flights
9Clause 8 amended (Obligations on persons arriving in New Zealand by air)
10New clause 8B inserted (Obligations on persons on QFT fights)
8BObligations on persons on QFT flights
11Clause 9 amended (Designation of higher-risk routes)
12Subpart 2 heading in Part 3 replaced
13Clause 10 amended (Arrivals remaining airside until departure from New Zealand)
14Clause 12 revoked (Crew of ship)
15Clause 14 amended (Aircraft turned back to New Zealand)
16New clause 15A and cross-heading inserted
15ACrew of ship
17Cross-heading above clause 16 revoked
18Clause 16 amended (Exemption under Isolation and Quarantine Order)
19New clause 18AA inserted (Exemption from pre-departure testing requirements)
18AAExemption from pre-departure testing requirements
20Subpart 3 heading in Part 3 replaced
21Clause 20 amended (Exemption from requirement for confirmed allocation)
22Clause 20A revoked (Exemption from requirements set out in clause 8(2B))
23Clause 21 amended (Exemption from requirement to be isolated or quarantined)
24Clause 23 amended (Pilots returning from flight simulator training)
25Clause 24 amended (Absences of at least 7 days or overseas domestic travel)
26Clause 25 amended (Failure to meet key safety standards)
27New cross-heading above clause 26 inserted
28Clause 26 amended (Power for Minister to grant exemptions from this order)
29Clauses 27 and 27A replaced
26AGeneral provisions relating to exemptions granted by Director-General
27Power to grant exemption to emergency workers
27APower to grant exemption from requirements relating to pre-departure testing
30Clause 27B amended (Power for Director-General to grant exemptions from clause 8A for humanitarian reasons)
31Schedule 1 amended
32New Schedule 2 inserted
33Principal order
34Clause 15B amended (Part applies to relevant workers)
35Clause 15DB amended (Other circumstances in which Part 1 applies)
36Schedule 2 amended
37Principal order
38Clause 4 amended (Clause 4 amended (Interpretation))
39Clause 8 amended (Schedule 2 amended)
40Principal order
41Clause 4 amended (Interpretation)
42Schedule 2 amended
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