COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Order 2021

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Version as at 18 March 2022

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Order 2021

(SL 2021/427)


The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This order is administered by the Ministry of Health.

This order is made by the Minister for COVID-19 Response under section 11 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 in accordance with section 9 of that Act.


5Transitional, savings, and related provisions
6Application of this order
7COVID-19 provisions apply to person if specified in COVID-19 border requirements schedule that applies to them
8No isolation or quarantine required
9Must self-isolate under specified Part of Isolation and Quarantine Order and in qualifying place
10Must enter managed isolation or quarantine under Part 1 of Isolation and Quarantine Order
11Must not arrive in New Zealand
12Must have traveller pass
13Must be vaccinated or excused by certificate (unless under 17 years of age)
14Must have pre-departure test for COVID-19 or be excused by certificate (unless under 2 years of age)
15Must have negative result from pre-departure test for COVID-19 (or certificate)
16Must not be waiting for test results
16AMust not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms (or must have certificate)
17Must not be subject to public health direction in another country
18Must not have prematurely ended period of isolation or quarantine
19Must fly with specified carrier
20Must travel on scheduled international air service
21Must have confirmed allocation for managed isolation or quarantine
22Must comply with key safety standards or route safety plan while outside New Zealand
23Must make traveller declaration at certain times
24Must provide, at certain times, information necessary to support public health response to COVID-19
25Must provide self-isolation information at certain times
26Must not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms at certain times [Revoked]
27Must be considered at negligible risk of having been exposed to COVID-19
28Must wear face covering in certain places or circumstances
29Must answer to authorised officers
30Must produce evidence of compliance with COVID-19 provisions
31Must not provide false or misleading information or evidence
32Must report for and undergo COVID-19 screening
33Must report for and undergo COVID-19 test
34Must be considered at low risk of having or transmitting COVID-19
35Must comply with directions while travelling to place of isolation or quarantine or self-isolation
36Must maintain physical distancing
37Must wear personal protective equipment as directed
38Must comply with key safety standards while in Green area in New Zealand
39Subpart 3 applies if person breaches COVID-19 provision that applies to them
40Breach of requirement not to arrive in New Zealand
41Failure to produce evidence of being vaccinated [Revoked]
42Failure to produce evidence of pre-departure test or negative result [Revoked]
43Failure to comply with key safety standards or route safety plan outside New Zealand
44Failure to provide details of qualifying place to self-isolate [Revoked]
45Exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival [Revoked]
46Considered not at low risk of having or transmitting COVID-19
47Failure to comply with key safety standards while in New Zealand
48Must report for and undergo assessment and comply with decision of assessing officer
49Breach of order may be infringement offence
50Aircraft must arrive at specified airport
51Carrier may have route safety plans
52Carrier must notify changes affecting route safety plan
53Carrier must promote compliance with route safety plan or key safety standards
54Carrier must check compliance with COVID-19 provisions
55General provisions about exemptions
56How exemptions are notified or published
57Minister may grant exemptions
58Director-General may grant exemptions
59Director-General may specify matters by notice
60Breaches of this order that are infringement offences [Revoked]
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