Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022

Version as at 5 May 2023

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022

(SL 2022/74)

Cindy Kiro, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 17th day of March 2022

Her Excellency the Governor-General in Council


The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

These regulations are made under section 9 of the Russia Sanctions Act 2022


on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council; and


on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs made in accordance with section 8 of that Act.


4Designated persons, designated assets, and designated services
5ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
7Sanctioned individuals not to travel to, enter, or remain in New Zealand
8Ships not to enter ports in New Zealand
9Aircraft not to enter territorial airspace of New Zealand
10Prohibition on dealing with assets of, or for benefit of, sanctioned persons
10AProhibition on dealing with securities of sanctioned persons
11Prohibition on dealing with services
12Sanctions on assets and services do not apply in certain circumstances
13Prohibited exports
14Export prohibition does not apply in certain circumstances
14AProhibited imports
14BImport prohibition does not apply to personal effects
15Act modified
16Modification of tariff on goods of Russian origin
17Revocation [Revoked]
18Humanitarian organisations not subject to sanctions
19Duty holders
Gazette Information