Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Regulations 2022

14 Fit and proper person requirements

The Forestry Authority must take into account the following matters in determining whether an applicant is a fit and proper person to be a registered forestry adviser:


whether the applicant has—


a criminal conviction that the Authority considers is relevant to the application; or


a relevant civil liability:


the record of non-compliance (if any) of the applicant, both as a forestry adviser and a decision maker of a registered log trader:


whether the applicant has been or is—


disqualified from being appointed or holding office as a director of a company under the Companies Act 1993; or


banned from being a director or promoter of an incorporated or unincorporated body under the Takeovers Act 1993; or


disqualified from being appointed as a trustee under the Trusts Act 2019.