How to save and print

Downloading PDFs

After you have navigated to a document (see Search and browse) you can download it in PDF form. PDF versions look like traditional printed legislation, and are particularly suited to printing.

The PDF's file size is provided as part of the link. Hover your mouse over the link to see the number of pages.

PDFs that display the New Zealand Coat of Arms on the first page are official. See Status of legislation on this website: what is official.

To view the PDF, you will need to have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader installed, which is available for downloading for free from the Adobe website.

PDFs of documents published (or republished/consolidated) after 11 April 2015 have more text on the page, with slightly smaller white margins around the text, than PDFs of documents last published before that date. See Why does the format of some documents vary?

Note that we don’t recommend searching within the PDF after you have downloaded it as it can give unreliable results. Use Search within instead.

To download individual sections or clauses, and for other downloading options, see Tagging sections/clauses.

Saving legislation

To save an entire document, first download it in PDF format. You will be given the option of saving it to a location in your computer.

However, you should be aware that legislation has the potential to be amended at any time. If you save a version of legislation and refer to it later, it may no longer be current. It may be better to save a link to the legislation instead.

To save individual sections or clauses, and to save legislation in an editable format (Microsoft Word), see Tagging sections/clauses.

Printing legislation yourself

To print a specific section or clause, navigate to it and then use your browser’s Print function (under the File menu or Ctrl+P on most browsers). Or for more options, tag the section before printing—see Tagging sections/clauses.

To print an entire document, you usually get the best result from first downloading the PDF, and then printing it. But you can also print it from the View whole tab and then use your browser’s print function. Or you can tag every section/clause (up to 50 at a time)—see Tagging sections/clauses.

A printout of official legislation is also official. See Status of legislation on this website: what is official.

Note that if you print legislation in HTML format that includes shaded text, on your printout the shading may be replaced by a grey outline. This will depend on your browser print settings. If you wish to print the shading, set your browser to print background images.

If you print legislation in PDF format that includes shaded text, the shading will be printed. You may want to adjust your printer settings if it appears too dark or too light.

See also Why is some text shaded?

Ordering a commercial print: buy online and other options

You can order a commercial print of any legislation on this website. You can print the current version of the document, or any earlier version that is available through this website.

To order, select Order a commercial print—available towards the top right of the screen whenever you are viewing legislation. You can view your Printing order in progress (top of the screen) at any time.

To finalise your order, view your Printing order and select GET QUOTE. Please note that the New Zealand Legislation website and the Parliamentary Counsel Office are not involved in completing your order. Selecting GET QUOTE again moves you to the Print Legislation website. Print Legislation then provides pricing information, allows you to edit your order and specify the number of copies required, and asks for delivery information and payment details, before finalising your order.

If you have any questions regarding your printing order, please contact Print Legislation.

After placing your order, you can clear it from the New Zealand Legislation website using the Printing order window (top of the screen) and selecting Remove all.

If the online version of the legislation you buy is official, the commercial print you order through this website will also be official. See Status of legislation on this website: what is official.

Other options for obtaining printed legislation

Legislation is available at some public libraries.

For printed secondary legislation not on this website, contact the agency that administers the legislation. For printed copies of an Other Instrument, see the details provided on that Other Instrument's information page.

Tagging sections/clauses

Tagging allows you to make a collection of individual sections and clauses so that you can refer to them later, or download them in PDF or Microsoft Word format. You can tag sections and/or clauses from Acts, Bills, secondary legislation, and Supplementary Order Papers. You can tag up to 50 sections and/or clauses from one or more documents.


To tag a section or clause, first navigate to it and view it using the By sections or By clauses tab. Then use the Tag section (or Tag clause) button to add it to your collection.

The sections and clauses that you tag will remain in your collection for 13 days or until you clear it.


To view your tagged sections/clauses collection, use the Tagged sections/clauses link at the top of the screen. Tabs let you view either individual sections or clauses (By sections/clauses), or the entire collection (View all). When viewing by sections/clauses, a table allows you to navigate between individual sections/clauses by clicking on the individual section/clause name. You can also click on the document title to return to the contents page of the Act, Bill, secondary legislation, or Supplementary Order Paper.

Under the By sections/clauses tab, use the Remove tag button to remove an individual section or clause from your collection. You can also delete everything from your collection by clicking Remove all sections/clauses from either tab.

If the sections/clauses in your collection contain links, clicking on a link will take you to the link's original destination away from your tagged collection. To return, you can use the Tagged sections/clauses link at the top of the screen.

Downloading, for printing or saving

To download your collection, click Download all. You then choose the format for downloading—PDF, Microsoft Word, or both. Once downloaded, you can print or save your document (or edit it, if in Microsoft Word).

Note that the layout in the downloaded document may not exactly match the layout in the original legislation. If you tag and download sections or clauses from an official Act or secondary legislation, the downloaded document will not be official. Also, you should be aware that legislation has the potential to be amended at any time. If you save sections/clauses and refer to them later, they may no longer be current.

Sharing legislation

You are welcome to link to this website, and to circulate links to this website. See Linking to this website.

We recommend that, if you want to share legislation, you do so by sharing the link rather than saving and circulating a PDF or downloaded sections/clauses, because the link will remain current while the other options can become out of date.

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